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I have modified my first aid kit into perfection for the last 5 year but it is important to note it is based on my needs and my hiking locations. This list has all of the essentials but please make sure you know where you are going and modify your kit accordingly (think antivenom for poisonous snakes, extra supplies for longer trips etc.). Pack all of your supplies into a waterproof zip-lock bag, always refill it after your trip, and you are good to go!

00:00 Hello
00:33 Disclaimer
02:05 Antiseptic spray
03:22 Band-aids
04:20 Wound strips
04:57 Kinesiology tape
05:58 Wound bandages / swabs
06:57 Burn gel
07:52 Painkillers
09:02 Small pocket knife with scissors and tweezers
09:43 Mirror

Links to some items mentioned in video:

“Compeed” blister band-aids

Wound strips:

Kinesiology tape

Pocket knife with with scissors and tweezers

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